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Welcome to, a website that provides Elo ratings for 3-Cushion Billiard Players from 2019 until today.

A Player's Elo rating is an estimation of their strength based on past results allowing predictions for the future.

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How do 3Cushion Billiard Elo ratings help us understand a player's abilities?


Common metrics used to measure team strengths, such as titles or points, are insufficient and sometimes misleading as they do not sufficiently account for the random nature of 3 Cushion Billiard nor opposition strength.

The Elo ratings on this website provide a strength estimation based on results for every 3 Cushion Billiard Player in past and present while trying to consider these factors optimally.

For more information on Elo ratings, click here.

Why do wide-spread metrics fall short?

It is said that anything can happen in a single game. Even when one player may be the favorite in a match, the underdog might win once in a while. When the the players are evenly matched, the outcome of a single game is even less predictable.

Titles and Trophies don't always indicate true talent.

In society, greatness is often measured in the number of trophies collected. While seemingly better payers win more trophies than others , it is still a very unprecise measure.

In a knock-out competition, only the winner survives each round.  Random elements in each single game can influence the outcome drastically leading to the unexpected player winning the game.

League titles are not always the best metric either. Due to the randomness of the game, winning a league by a few points makes it only a bit more likely for the first place team to be actually better than the second place team.  When the point difference is bigger, it is a lot more likely.


In your trophy cabinet, the differences in points or random events do not matter.  The winner gets a trophy and the opponent gets nothing.  The road that leads there is forgotten but the statistics remain.


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